2016 Prepper Events

One of the things I truly love about the prepper community is just that…it’s a community. Everything I’ve read from books to blogs to websites places so much emphasis on the fact that there is strength in numbers. You may be able to initially survive through a crisis, but in an extended disaster situation you will almost certainly need the help of others.

We prep not only to ensure the safety and health of our families; but we also prepare to be there for our friends, extended family, and neighbors when they need it. One of the (many) items on my prepping to do list is to make several small emergency kits to hand out in the case of a crisis.

Before really jumping into the prepping world, I had no idea there were shows and conventions. The inner nerd in me totally geeked out!

Check out Prepper Shows USA for a full list of what’s going on in 2016. There are a few on the East Coast/Midwest that I will most likely be dragging my husband to, especially those in Michigan and Ohio!

I will have family emergency binder and survival candles (that will double as pretty Christmas gifts) updates next week! Enjoy your weekend, and be safe!






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