My top 10 websites for budgeting and survival

I’ve had a few people email and ask me what websites, blogs, and other resources I have employed during our prepping journey.


Back up the bus.

That means people are actually reading my blog. This is so exciting to me! I never, ever imagined that I would actually create a following, especially not after only 10 posts! Thank you! Please, if you’re reading drop me an email ( or leave a comment and say “Hi!”. My goal in documenting our journey was to learn, probably fail, grow, and learn some more. We can do it together!

Ok, back to the original purpose of this post. My most frequented websites and blogs. There are basically two types of websites and blogs I follow: budget related and prep related.

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Here they are:

Budget Related

The Frugal Girl – I’ve been following Kristen’s blog for several years. She is a homeschool mom of 4 children and documents their life and her frugal hacks each day. I love how down to Earth and kind she is. I’ve learned so much from her blog from baking bread to honing my photography skills to learning about the website Schoola (love!). She is awesome!

Money Saving Mom – Crystal is a very emotional, open, helpful, and inspirational person. Her blog is geared towards money saving as well as personal development. She is a champion for women entrepreneurs.

The Budget Mama – Jessi’s blog documents her family’s real life on a budget. She is open with their struggles as well as their victories. I LOVE blogs like hers. It’s real. She lays it all out there…their actual income, their debt and all of the amazing things her family has been able to do on a strict budget.

Yes We Coupon – this site has deals laid out and explained in an easy to navigate manner. I usually scroll through once every few days to see if there are any amazing deals I need to take advantage of.

Brad’s Deals – this deal website is geared more towards higher end, more expensive items. However, I’ve found it really useful during the Christmas season. We have a strict Christmas budget that I’ve been able to stretch with Brad’s Deals. For example, I was able to get a North Face fleece jacket for my sister for only $20 (original retail was $125!).

Survival Related

Food Storage Moms – I’ve mentioned this website in previous posts, but it’s an amazing disaster prep resource. Especially if you have a family! Her recent review on a solar oven has made me green with envy and it’s now on our wish list.

Survival Blog – this blog is pretty intense and geared towards real SHTF scenarios where you’re on your own forever. That being said, it’s super informative and really makes you think about the state of the world.

The Survival Mom – She’s awesome. A website geared towards mothers. She has posts, videos, podcasts, books, a store…just a wonderful all-inclusive resource.

Pure Living For Life – this is a personal blog written by Jesse and Alyssa chronicling their journey of building a self sufficient homestead. Like I said, I LOVE these types of blogs. Real life. Real people. Real things happening.

Thoughts from Frank and Fern – another real life blog and another one I check religiously everyday. I’ve learned probably more in the few months of following their blog than I have in years! So insightful, thought provoking, and just a great read and resource.

Most of these websites and blogs have a subscription option so that you’re notified by email of new posts. That way you don’t have to physically visit each page daily to check for updates.

I hope you find these as helpful as I do!

Are there any website or blogs that you think I should check out? Let me know! 



4 thoughts on “My top 10 websites for budgeting and survival

  1. Wow! Did our crazy hectic life really give you the inspiration to give blogging a go? Sweet! Thanks for listing us on your top 10. Means a lot! Let us know how we can help and how things are going! Jesse & Alyssa


    • It absolutely did! I love the idea of sustainability, it is our ultimate goal! You have such great information on your blog, and I love reading about real people and their real life experiences! Can’t wait to see how your homestead comes along!


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