My prepping activity for the week

My husband and I decided to budget $10-$20 per week on prepping activities for the month of December. We will most likely increase this amount after Christmas, but you sure can get a lot done with $10 per week! Here’s a rundown of what I’ve “prepped”this week:

  1. Bought 6 lbs of salt = $0.89/ea at Aldi. I love Aldi, if you have one nearby and aren’t shopping there, please do yourself a favor and check it out! It is a frugal person’s dream 🙂
  2. Bought 5 cans of tuna = $1.00/ea at Wal-Mart. Every person in my family really, really loves tuna sandwiches so it is a no-brainer storage food for us. I think it’s really important to store food that your family will actually eat. It would be bad enough to be stuck in a disaster situation, but to add having to eat food you dislike on top of it would be miserable!
  3. My husband built wooden shelves in the basement last weekend using lumber we had lying around to store our current “crap” as he calls it (totes of baby items, childhood memories, etc.) and to start storing our stockpile. We are currently renting my in-laws house so we are lucky that we can build and tear down as we please. Our 3 year plan includes purchasing land this Spring, paying it off, and starting to build in the Spring of 2017.
  4. Read the first 10 chapters of The Provident Prepper by Kylene and Jonathan Jones. I’ve been working on this book for about 3 weeks and am really enjoying it. Each chapter is insightful and provides a ton of real world advice. I plan to finish reading the book next week and then go back chapter by chapter to adjust our prepping strategies and implement their recommendations.
  5. I went over budget and bought a Reliance 7 gallon Aqua Tainer for $17.95. I purchased it through Amazon Prime = no shipping costs and 2 day delivery! It’s scheduled to arrive today and I’m super, super excited. It’s the little things 🙂

I plan to make this a weekly installment on the blog each Friday to outline what we’ve done this week to disaster prep. I would love to see what everyone else is doing – leave a comment or email me at

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “My prepping activity for the week

  1. It’s like 5 frugal things prepper style! I love Aldi too! Here are my things.

    -I started reading this blog.
    -We bought some gadget that lets us communicate if the cell towers are down. I think. It’s called goTenna and I will tell you more when my it arrives and my hubby sets it up and explains it.
    -We started cleaning the basement. This counts because it will allow us to make a space for a bigger stock pile.

    Not much! I think I need to go stock pile some beans or something (just kidding).


  2. Haha, 5 frugal things…only something The Frugal Girl readers would understand 🙂 I LOVE Kristen!

    Batteries absolutely count! I should have added that before we (and by we I mean my husband) started building the shelves, the basement needed a big dose of organization and a super deep clean. His parents left a lot of him and his siblings’ childhood things down there — our local homeless shelter received a HUGE donation from us this week!

    Please do let me know about your gadget…I will let my husband know because I am not techy at all! I’m surprised that I even got a blog up and running 🙂


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