So, today marks a new experience for my family and I as I jump head first into this thing called blogging. Let’s start with a little bit of background.

I am the wife of a supportive and awesome man that I’ll refer to as Mr. Prepper and mother to a spunky and hilarious 2 year old little girl that we’ll call Baby P 🙂 I’m a BioChemist, a farm girl, and a prepping Mommy.

Our prepping journey is just beginning. The world, albeit beautiful, is unpredictably scary. I feel that in order to be a responsible parent and to take care of my family, I need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. That doesn’t mean living our lives terrified of the world, we will still live fun and fulfilled lives…all the while having a sense of comfort knowing that we are prepared and ready for a disaster (that’s the plan at least!)

First post image

My idea for this blog came to me as I was reading, researching, and starting our prepping journey. I was immediately overwhelmed with how much money it really would take to ensure my family’s safety! Hence, The Budget Prepper! This will not be an expert, know-it-all type of blog. I will be taking you along the prepping journey with me as I walk the walk myself. Sharing my wins, losses, ideas, frustrations, and anything else I can!

My goal is to help other families in the same position as us. Those of you on a strict budget, that still want to enjoy life, and prepare your families at the same time. I will share the knowledge I gain, the resources, and hopefully have a few guest posts! Who knows, I many only have 3 people decide to read my blog. If I can help those three people, I’ll be happy!

So, please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments and I look forward to this journey!

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